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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Charleston Shootings

So proud of this young man I get to call my brother.  #CharlestonShootings

Monday, June 1, 2015

Scholarships for 6 Day Student Summer Anti-Bullying & Leadership Summit

Do you know someone who has been bullied or feels alienated? 
Maybe someone who is shy and hesitant to mingle with their peers? 
Surely you know a student who is a high achiever and wants to add 50 service hours towards graduation requirements.

NVEEE and The Honors College at Florida International University presents 
2nd Annual Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS)

June 23 - 29

PALS is designed to provide daily service learning opportunities, teach leadership skills, increase self-esteem and personal development, develop conflict resolution skills, learn peer mediation, enhance public speaking ability, and most of all students learn to show empathy, tolerance, and respect for others. PALS is open to all students including those who have either witnessed or experienced bullying at any point in there lives. Students participate in activities such as writing and producing public service announcements, roleplaying how to positively react to different bullying scenarios, financial literacy, nutrition and more.

Outdoor activities, role-playing, open discussions, art therapy etc., there are many ways you can make a real difference this Summer. We encourage you to check the schedule and sign up. Questions? contact 786.282.0035

Our goal is to host 100 students at PALS and we have 30 more students who need your support. It's not too late to give the gift of leadership and self-esteem. Your donation is tax-deductible and the payoff is immediate. All donors will be invited to a special event held during PALS, at FIU on Thursday, June 25, for a special surprise hosted by the students, NVEEE and CityBash Group from 6pm-9pm

It's not too late to register for this life changing event. Don't let money stand in your way. We may have a sponsor willing to help support your efforts. You don't want to miss this. Don't take our word for it. Read the schedule and watch some of the videos from past attendees. Visit 

Vanisha (Sasha) Palanivel is one impressive young lady and we are excited to have her back this year. In 2014 she attended PALS as a delegated and in 2015 she has been promoted to Jr. Staff Leader. Even though she has accomplished so much in 4 years of high school, she admits that learning to have empathy for others and the leadership skills she gained, was the most rewarding part of high school.  Sasha had undefeated season in debate 2013-2015. State Champion in Extemporaneous Speaking 2014-2015. Received a Scholastic Award as well as a Community Service award.

Jenna Mannix participated in PALS 2014 as a delegate and this year she was promoted to be on NVEEE's Youth Advisory Council. These are ultimately the students who plan PALS and other youth driven activities. 

"I learned to stand up for myself and others no matter the situation, and that whatever you might be going through, you're not going through it alone." - Jenna Mannix

Click the picture to watch her 1:30 video. 
"INDESCRIBABLE EXPERIENCE"                                                     
Rhiannon Winch came all the way from Colorado to participate in PALS as a delegate. She was since promoted to become a Jr. Staff leader at PALS 2015 and voted to be on NVEEE's Youth Advisory Council as well.

"I love PALS. It taught me that I am worth more than gold and that I am never alone." - Rhiannon 

Click the picture to watch her 1:10 video.

Click HERE to watch another video from Rhiannon detailing her feelings about the staff at PALS. 

Liz was one of the coordinators and co-facilitators for PALS 2014, along side Danielle Mazzuchi. Liz went on to become the President of NVEEE's Youth Advisory Council and is returning to PALS 2015 in the same capacity.

Inspiringly, with the guidance of NVEEE's founder, Liz founded her own non-profit, Her Voice, where she reaches young men and women in college to train them on how to take safety measures while 

"Most importantly what I learned is that whether you've been bullied, been the bully, or even were a bystander to bullying, there are things that bond us together." - Liz

Click the picture to watch her 1:30 video.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Take the Step : Pledge to eat Healthier...

Take the Step : Pledge to eat Healthier....

Because stroke can happen to anyone, at any age, and at any time, it is important to talk about stroke prevention. We are excited to unveil our 2015 National Stroke Awareness Month campaign for this May! Although not all strokes can be avoided, up to 80 percent of strokes can be prevented. By making just one change toward lessening your stroke risks, you can begin your journey to a healthier you—hopefully preventing you from becoming a stroke statistic. Join us on May 30, 2015. St Matthews AME Church, Ral.,NC (10:00-1:00PM)

" A Healthy Shopping Basket Leads to a Healthy Lifestyle "

This health fair provide an opportunity to our community consumers to experience the various brand products offered at our local grocery store and supermarkets. To interact with the stores employee about their products, coupons and nutritious recipes. This year our featured grocery store is  'Food Lion'.  "Think of eating fresh foods instead of processed not as a 'diet' but as an improvement to both the way you eat and (hopefully) your overall health."  Food Lion is a responsible community-oriented supermarket and we're proud to have their presence at this health fair. 

This health fair provides an opportunity for stores to discuss and display their health foods, organic foods, local produce, and nutritional supplements.

Enjoy great speakers, cooking demonstrations, door prizes, screenings and more.

For additional information contact: Triangle Stoke & Minority Women Health.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Poll: Americans Believe Bullying is More Prevalent


Jon Weiner                                                 Sean Kosofsky    
800.699.8011 x 71724                                919-627-8337 cell



First of its kind survey from the Tyler Clementi Foundation and Workplace Options 
reveals troubling finding

Raleigh, N.C. (Feb. 8, 2015) – A new national poll shows that bullying is seen as more of a problem for young Americans today than ever before – and that parents are seriously conflicted when it comes to teaching kids how to appropriately respond. 

The poll, commissioned as a joint project between Workplace Options and the Tyler Clementi Foundation, found that 64 percent of American adults believe bullying to be more prevalent among young people today than it was during their own childhood. With the proliferation of social media, text messaging, and other forms of instant communication, the threat and reach of bullying has expanded.

“Youth bullying is not an issue that only impacts kids,” said Alan King, president of Workplace Options, the world’s leading integrated employee well-being provider. “Nothing happens in isolation. It’s a serious concern that affects parents, businesses, and the community, too. The results of this poll show that as a whole, we have a long way to go to curb this problem.”

1.Teaching Kids about Bullying

Respondents were split on how to teach kids to best handle bullying situations that involved either online or in-person threats. According to the poll:

-53 percent of respondents said children should be taught to notify an authority figure when faced with bullying.

-24 percent said direct confrontation was the best response.

-Males (31 percent) were much more likely to recommend direct confrontation than females (13 percent).

-And eight percent said ignoring the problem was the best way to handle bullying.

“Parents and educators need to regularly check in with youth about bullying behavior,” said Sean Kosofsky, executive director for The Tyler Clementi Foundation, a leading national organization working to end online and offline bullying. “Young people need to be taught respect, empathy for others, and to resist the temptation to use technology to be cruel. Youth and adults should not be bystanders to bullying; they should be Upstanders and report abuse.”

“The key to progress is education and intervention. Bullying can leave emotional scars for decades. Adults should not assume bullying is innocent teasing” he added.

2.The Bystander Dilemma

One of the most difficult decisions for adults is when to intervene in a youth bullying scenario. Results of the poll show that when family is not involved, most adults are keen to turn a blind eye:

-69 percent of respondents said they would intervene if a bullying situation involved a family member or someone they personally know.

-But just 44 percent said they would intervene if they saw a scenario that did not involve a personal acquaintance.

3.Taking Action: Rethinking Anti-bullying Training

Workplace Options and the Tyler Clementi Foundation are partnering to create a free training program for businesses that teaches employees how to discuss, address, and intervene in bullying issues with today’s youth. The program is being created with input from Dr. Dorothy Espelage at the University of Illinois, one of the top anti-bullying researchers in the world. It will debut and be made available to companies looking to educate their employees on this issue in the summer of 2015.

Other interesting results of the national poll include:

-50 percent of respondents have experienced or witnessed bullying in their workplace.

-More minority respondents (75 percent of Hispanics; 74 percent of African-Americans) than white respondents (60 percent) believed that bullying is a more serious problem for youth today than in the past.

-Bullying is largely seen as a “not in my backyard” issue – 64 percent of respondents believe bullying is more of a problem today than in the past, but just 12 percent believe it is a serious problem for youth in their own county.

The poll was conducted from January 16-19 among a national sample of working adult Americans by Public Policy Polling. The margin of error is +/- 4.1 percent.

For more information on the poll results, please visit For more information on the training program under development by Workplace Options and the Tyler Clementi Foundation, please contact Workplace Options through the company website.


About Workplace Options

Workplace Options helps employees balance their work, family and personal needs to become healthier, happier and more productive people and professionals. The company’s physical, emotional, and practical employee well-being services provide information, resources, referrals and consultation on a variety of issues ranging from dependent care and stress management to clinical services and wellness coaching.

Workplace Options is the world’s largest integrated employee support services and work-life provider. Global service centers in North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Japan, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom support more than 46 million employees in over 34,000 organizations across 200 countries and territories. To learn more,


About Tyler Clementi Foundation 

The Tyler Clementi Foundation (TCF), guided by the life and story of Tyler Clementi, is committed to ending youth bullying, both online and offline. The organization promotes safe, inclusive and respectful social environments in homes, schools, campuses, churches and the digital world for vulnerable youth, and their allies.

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